Like Chaff in the Wind by Anna Belfrage

Like Chaff in the Wind (The Graham Saga 2) by Anna Belfrage

Matthew Graham committed the mistake of his life when he cut off his brother’s nose. In revenge, Luke Graham has Matthew abducted and transported to the colony of Virginia to be sold as indentured labour.

Matthew arrives in Virginia in May 1661 and any hope he had of finding someone willing to listen to his story of unlawful abduction is quickly extinguished. If anything, Matthew’s insistence that he is an innocent man leads him to being singled out for the heaviest tasks. Insufficient food, gruelling days and the humid heat combine to wear him down. With a sinking feeling, he realises no one has ever survived their seven years of service on the plantation Suffolk Rose.

Fortunately for Matthew, he has a remarkable wife. Alex Graham has no intention of letting her husband suffer and die. So she sets off from Scotland on a perilous journey to bring her husband home.

Alex is plagued by nightmares in which Matthew is reduced to a wheezing wreck by his tormentors. Sailing to Virginia, she prays for a miracle to carry her swiftly to his side. But fate has other plans, and what should have been a two month crossing turns into a year long adventure – from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

Will Alex find Matthew in time? Will she be able to pay the price of setting him free? (publisher)

Alex Graham is settling in into the 17th century life with her husband Matthew. Their lives are shattered when Matthew is abducted by the orders of Mathew’s brother and sent to Virginia. Alex is determined to find her husband but it proves to be more difficult than she expected.

It was nice to see how well Alex has settled in into the 17th century and how she reacted to some situations with modern time mind. But I thought it was kind of weird that the people didn’t react more strongly when she acted “unwomanly” and had too modern view of things. Also, she tells Matthew quite freely about things that will happen in the future which I find weird.

Both Alex and Matthew are still likeable and while it was interesting to see them apart and how determined Alex was to save him, I like when they’re together more. And I hope we’ll see Mrs. Gordon again! She was a great character and I liked the relationship that grew between her and Alex. I don’t know how to feel about Alex’s feelings towards Isaac though. I get that he was result from a rape but I still feel it overly harsh that she doesn’t feel anything for the child itself.

It was great to see more about the people Alex left behind in the future and especially her father Magnus. But I wonder if we will see Mercedes at some point? Because if I remember correctly she’s not dead.


Published: Matador (2012)
Format: ebook
Pages: 392
Source: author

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