Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels 4) by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels keeps the peace in Atlanta for the Order, humans caught between the vampire controlling People led by her biological father and best kept secret, Roland, and the shape-shifter Pack, led by her mate-to-be Curran, the Lord of the Beasts. But her look-alike aunt Erra, Babylon’s god of chaos and terror, has come to town controlling seven naked warriors: Deluge (flood water), Tremor (earth quake), Gale (hurricane wind), Torch (fire inferno), Venom (disease poison), Beast (animal monster), and Darkness (overpowering dread). (Goodreads)

The book starts where the last one ended. Kate is preparing a dinner for Curran as a payment for a lost bet, but then he never shows up. She’s furious but decides to act like nothing happened. Then villain comes around who plans on getting rid of the shapeshifters.

Let me start this by saying that now I’m officially Curran fangirl. And maybe just a bit Jim, and teeny tiny bit Derek…. Okay moving on…

We finally see some progressing on Kate’s and Curran’s relationship even though I’m sad we don’t see the dinner she promised to make. That would have been entertaining. Kate seems to grow as a person in every book and Curran is trying to learn to share and both are trying very hard making it work.

We learn more about Kate’s family and that’s always interesting stuff. Can’t wait for Kate to meet her dad one day.

I’m starting to run out of ways to describe the awesomeness of this series but I really loved this. There was more of Curran but less of Derek and I’m starting to hope more of Jim in future books. Oh the problem of too many hot men!

Published: Ace (2010)
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 349
Source: my own

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