Mailbox Monday (16.12)

Mailbox Monday was created by The Printed Page. Mailbox Monday is currently on tour, hosted by a different blog each month. Today’s Linky will be hosted by Rose City Reader.

The Last Conquest by Berwick Coates (purchased)

October, 1066: Two bitter rivals, William and Harold, are about to lead their men into a brutal battle…

Taking up arms, Gilbert, a scout in William’s army, seeks victory. Edwin, roundsman to King Harold, knows his king is about to make history – no matter the cost – and he is going to be part of it.

This is a story of the greatest battle ever seen on British soil.

It is the story of the Battle of Hastings.

Owain Gwynedd Prince of the Welsh by Roger Turvey (bought)

A study of the life and career of Owain Gwynedd (c. 1100-70) who played such a dominant role in the history of Wales before her conquest. He was king of Gwynedd from 1137 until his death and was the first to be styled prince of Wales. He was considered the most successful of all the north Welsh princes prior to his grandson Llywelyn the Great.

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