Stealing Mr. Smith by Tanya E. Williams

Stealing Mr. Smith by Tanya E. Williams

“I’ve always deserved better. Nobody ever told me so. It is simply a fact I’ve always known to be true.”

After surviving the loss of both her parents – one to illness and the other to abandonment – Bernice Rosin finds herself at a South Dakota orphanage that will never feel like home. Longing for a life free of poverty and misfortune, she takes matters into her own hands, determined to secure her own happily ever after no matter the cost.

In 1948, a relocation west promises a life rich with upper-class pleasantries until a naive mistake shatters both Bernice’s pride and her heart. Convinced she can still rise above her allotted station, she returns to South Dakota to calculate her options.

Desperate for a hero all her own, she singles out John Smith, a simple man with a kind heart and a gentle smile. John appears to be the perfect escape from a life fraught with disappointment. The fact that he comes with the baggage of two children and a past he seldom speaks of, has little bearing on her new obsession. Caught unprepared for such cleverness and deception, John falls right into the path of Bernice’s affection as she has set her sights on changing her last name to Smith, even if she has to steal it. (Goodreads)

Bernice Rosin’s mother dies when she is young and because her father is unable to care for his children, she is sent with her sister Patty into an orphanage. She can’t wait to leave the place as soon as possible and to get the life she thinks she deserves. Eventually, she meets John Smith from the first book and sets her mind to get a husband.

Bernice is the very opposite of Violet, Smith’s first wife, and that alone would have made me dislike her, but she was so selfish, manipulative and rude that I didn’t like her at all. I had just begun to think better of her and then the ending just made me hate her…
It was interesting to see that while Bernice and Patty had the same beginning, they both have very different attitudes to life.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out between them and if they can make a life together.

3,5 /5

Published: Rippling Effects (September 25, 2018)
Format: ebook
Source: Author

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