Abriel, Anita: Lana’s War

Abriel, Anita: The Light After the War

Adams, Michelle: Between the Lies

Addison, Katherine: The Angel of the Crows

Andrews, Ilona: Kate Daniels 1: Magic Bites

Andrews, Ilona: Kate Daniels 2: Magic Burns

Andrews, Ilona: Kate Daniels 3: Magic Strikes

Andrews, Ilona: Kate Daniels 4: Magic Bleeds

Andrews, Ilona: Kate Daniels 5.5: Gunmetal Magic

Armstrong, Kelley: Cainsville 1: Omens

Armstrong, Kelley: Darkest Powers Trilogy 2: The Awakening

Armstrong, Kelley: Darkest Powers Trilogy 2: The Reckoning

Armstrong, Kelley: Women of the Otherworld 1: Bitten

Aveyard, Victoria: Red Queen: Red Queen


Bagwell, Gillian: The Darling Strumpet

Balson, Ronald H.: Karolina’s Twins

Barbaree, David: Deposed

Barnes, Margaret Campbell: Brief Gaudy Hou

Belfrage, Anna: The Graham Saga 1: A Rip in the Veil

Belfrage, Anna: The Graham Saga 2: Like Chaff in the Wind

Belfrage, Anna: The Graham Saga 3: The Prodigal Son

Belfrage, Anna: The Graham Saga 4: A Newfound Land

Belfrage Anna: The King’s Greatest Enemy 1: In the Shadow of the Storm

Belfrage Anna: The King’s Greatest Enemy 2: Days of Sun and Glory

Belfrage Anna: The King’s Greatest Enemy 3: Under the Approaching Dark

Belfrage Anna: The King’s Greatest Enemy 4: The Cold Light of Dawn

Benedict, Marie: The Only Woman in the Room

Bonnette, Darcey: Tudor Court 2: Rivals of the Tudor Court

Bradbridge, D.W.: The Winter Siege

Brett, Peter V.: Demon Cycle 1: The Painted Man

Byrd, Olivia deBelle: Miss Hildreth Wore Brown: Anecdotes of a Southern Belle 

Byrd, Sandra: Ladies in Waiting 1: To Die For


Cabot, Meg: Abandon Trilogy 1: Abandon

Caine, Rachel: The Morganville Vampires 1: Glass Houses

Caine, Rachel: The Morganville Vampires 2: The Dead Girls’ Dance

Caine, Rachel: The Morganville Vampires 3: Midnight Alley

Campbell, Michele: She Was the Quiet One

Campion, Emma: A Triple Knot

Campisi, Megan: Sin Eater

Canavan, Trudi: The Black Magician Trilogy 0.5: The Magician’s Apprentice

Carr, Carol K.: Madam of Espionage Mysteries 1: India Black

Carr, Carol K: Madam of Espionage Mysteries 2: India Black and the Widow of Windsor

Carr, Carol K: Madam of Espionage Mysteries 3: India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy

Carr, Carol K: Madam of Espionage Mysteries 4: India Black and the Gentleman Thief

Cashore, Kristin: Graceling Realm 1: Graceling

Cashore, Kristin: Graceling Realm 2: Fire

Chadwick, Elizabeth: Lady of the English

Chadwick, Elizabeth: The Falcons of Montabard

Chadwick, Elizabeth: William Marshal 3: The Scarlet Lion

Charles, Janet Skeslien: The Paris Library

Christie, Sally: Mistresses of Versailles 1:  The Sisters of Versailles

Christie, Sally: Mistresses of Versailles 2: The Rivals of Versailles

Christie, Sally: Mistresses of Versailles 3: The Enemies of Versailles

Clare, Cassandra: The Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork Angel

Clare, Cassandra: The Mortal Instruments 1: City of Bones

Clements, Rory: Corpus

Cole, Myke: Shadow Ops 1: Control Point

Condie, Ally: Matched 1: Matched

Cornwell, Bernard: The Saxon Stories 1: The Last Kingdom

Cremer, Andrea: Nightshade 1: Nightshade

Cremer, Andrea: Nightshade 2: Wolfsbane


Darwin, Emma: A Secret Alchemy

Dees, Cindy: The Sleeping King

Dionne, Aubrie: Chronicles of Ebonvale 2: Orphan’s Blade

Doxer, Debra: Where Butterflies Go

Dougherty, Victoria: The Bone Church

Dunant, Sarah: The Birth of Venus


Emerson, Kate: Secrets of the Tudor Court 1: Secrets of the Tudor Court:The Pleasure Palace

English, Christy: The Queen’s Pawn

English, Christy: To Be Queen

Epstein, Jennifer Cody: The God’s of Heavenly Punishment


Farrington, Robert: The Killing of Richard III

Felber, Edith: Queen of Shadows

Fillmore, Mary Dingee: An Address in Amsterdam

Fitzpatrick, Becca: Hush, Hush 1: Hush, Hush

Fremantle, Elizabeth: Sisters of Treason

Frenkel, Françoise: A Bookshop in Berlin: The Rediscovered Memoir of One Woman’s Harrowing Escape from the Nazis


Gabaldon, Diana: Outlander 3: Voyager

Gabaldon, Diana: Outlander 4: Drums of Autumn

Gabaldon, Diana: Outlander 5: The Fiery Cross

Gabaldon, Diana: Outlander 6: A Breath of Snow And Ashes

Gabaldon, Diana: Outlander 7: An Echo In The Bone

Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret: Caster Chronicles 1: Beautiful Creatures

Gillham, David R.: City of Women

Goldstein, Lisa: The Red Magician

Gortner, C.W.: The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

Gortner, C.W.: The Spymaster Chronicles 1: The Tudor Secret

Graeme-Evans, Posie: War of the Roses 1: The Innocent

Graham, Lily: The Child of Auschwitz

Gray, Claudia: Evernight 1: Evernight

Gregory, Philippa: The Cousins’ War 1: The White Queen

Gregory, Philippa: The Cousins’ War 1: The Red Queen

Gruca, Kamil: Gentlemen of Pitchfork


Ha, Khanh: Flesh

Haeger, Diane: In The Court of Henry VIII 1: The Secret Bride

Harkness, Deborah: All Souls Trilogy 1: A Discovery of Witches

Harkness, Deborah: All Souls Trilogy 2: Shadow of Night

Harkness, Deborah: All Souls Trilogy 3: The Book of Life

Hartman, Rachel: Seraphina 1: Seraphina

Hartman, Rachel: Seraphina 2: Shadow Scale

Hauser, Emily: For The Winner

Hayes, Gwen: Falling Under 1: Falling Under

Hayes, Ned: Sinful Folk

Heyer, Georgette: My Lord John

Higginbotham, Susan: Hanging Mary

Higginbotham, Susan: Hugh and Bess

Higginbotham, Susan: The Queen of Last Hopes: The Story of Margaret of Anjou

Hill, Justin: Shieldwall

Hollick, Helen: Pendragon’s Banner 2: Pendragon’s Banner

Hollick, Helen: Pendragon’s Banner 3: Shadow of the King

Hollick, Helen: Sea Witch Voyages 1: Sea Witch

Holloway, G.K.: 1066: What Fates Impose

Hollows, M.J.: Goodbye For Now




Jenoff, Pam: The Woman with the Blue Star

Jong, Eleanor De: Delilah

Justice, Faith L.: Sword of the Gladiatrix

Justice, Faith L: Twilight Empress: A Novel of Imperial Rome


Kalotay, Daphne: Russian Winter

Kaplan, Mitchell James: By Fire, By Water

Kaplan, Mitchell James: Into the Unbounded Night

Kate, Lauren: Fallen 1: Fallen

Keaton, Kelly: Gods & Monsters 1: Darkness Becomes Her

Kelly, Julia: The Light Over London

Kimm, Garbielle: The Courtesan’s Lover

King, Crystal: The Chef’s Secret


Lam, Andrew: Repentance

Lang-Slattery, K: Immigrant Soldier, The Story of a Ritchie Boy

Larkwood, A. K.: The Unspoken Name

Lawrence, Mark: The Broken Empire 1: Prince of Thorns

Long, H.M.: Hall of Smoke

Longley, Camille: Flameskin Chronicles: Firefrost

Lynn-Davis, Barbara: Casanova’s Secret Wife


McMann, , Lisa: Dream Catcher 1: Wake

McMorris, Kristina: Letters From Home

Maas, Sarah J.: Throne of Glass 1: Throne of Glass

Maas, Sarah J.: Throne of Glass 2: Crown of Midnight

Maas, Sarah J.: Throne of Glass 3: Heir of Fire

Macbain, Bruce: Odd Tangle-Hair 1: Odin’s Child

Marlow, Jane: Who Is to Blame? A Russian Riddle

Matharu, Taran: Summoner 1: The Novice

Mead, Richelle: Vampire Academy 3: Shadow Kiss

Mead, Richelle: Vampire Academy 4: Blood Promise

Mead, Richelle: Vampire Academy 5: Spirit Bound

Mead, Richelle: Vampire Academy 6: Last Sacrifice

Moning, Karen Marie: Fever 1: Darkfever

Moran, Jan: Scent of Triumph

Moran, Michelle: The Second Empress

Morgenstern, Erin: The Night Circus

Morin, Donna Russo: Da Vinci’s Disciples 1: Portrait of a Conspiracy

Morin, Donna Russo: The King’s Agent

Morton, Kate: The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Morton, Kate: The Lake House




Oliver, Lauren: Delirium 1: Delirium


Palmer, Marian: The White Boar

Peacock, B.N.: A Tainted Dawn

Pehov, Alexey: Chronicles of Siala 1: Shadow Prowler

Pehov, Alexey: Chronicles of Siala 2: Shadow Chaser

Pehov, Alexey: Chronicles of Siala 2: Shadow Blizzard

Penman, Sharon Kay: Lionheart

Perinot, Sophie: Médicis Daughter

Perrat, Liza: Blood Rose Angel

Pike, Signe: The Lost Queen

Pinborough, Sarah: The Language of Dying

Plum, Amy: Revenants 1: Die for Me

Plum, Amy: Revenants 2: Until I Die

Plum, Amy: Revenants 3: If I Should Die

Powell, E.M.: The Fifth Knight 2: The Blood of the Fifth Knight

Powell, E.M: The Fifth Knight 3: The Lord of Ireland

Powell, E.M: Stanton & Barling 1: The King’s Justice

Powell, E.M: Stanton & Barling 2: The Monastery Murders

Powell, E.M: Stanton & Barling 3: The Canterbury Murders

Purdy, Emily: The Tudor Wife




Rhiannon, Janell: Homeric Chronicles 1: Song of Sacrifice

Rhodes, Morgan: Falling Kingdoms 1: Falling Kingdoms

Rice, Anne: The Songs of the Seraphim 1: Angel Time

Rice, Anne: The Vampire Chronicles 6: The Vampire Armand

Riley, Lucinda: The Seven Sisters 4: The Pearl Sister

Robotham, Mandy: The Berlin Girl

Rose, M. J.: Cartier’s Hope

Rose, M.J.: The Collector of Dying Breaths

Rose, M.J.: Daughters of La Lune 1: The Witch of Painted Sorrows

Rose, M.J.: Daughters of La Lune 2:  The Secret Language of Stones

Rose, M.J: Daughters of La Lune 3: The Library of Light and Shadow

Rose, M.J.: Tiffany Blues

Roth, Veronica: Divergent 1: Divergent

Roth, Veronica: Divergent 2: Insurgent

Roth, Veronica: Divergent 3: Allegiant

Ryan, Anthony: Raven’s Shadow 1: Blood Song

Runyan, Aimie K.: Daughters of New France 1: Promised to the Crown

Runyan, Aimie K:  Daughters of New France 2 Duty to the Crown

Runyan, Aimie K: Girls on the Line


Savage, Marie: Oracles of Delphi

Schumacher, Eric: Hakon’s Saga 1: God’s Hammer

Schumacher, Eric: Hakon’s Saga 2: Raven’s Feast

Schumacher, Eric: Olaf’s Saga Book 1: Forged by Iron

Schwab, V.E: Shades of Magic 1: Darker Shade of Magic

Schwab, V.E.: Shades of Magic 2: A Gathering of Shadows

Schwab, V.E.: Shades of Magic 3: A Conjuring of Light

Sepetys, Ruta: Between Shades of Gray

Sharratt, Mary: Daughters of the Witching Hill

Singh, Nalini: Quiet in Her Bones

Smith, Anne Easter: This Son of York

Stachniak, Eva: Catherine 1: The Winter Palace

Stephenson, Eileen: Imperial Passions: The Porta Aurea

Stewart, Andrea: The Drowning Empire 1: The Bone Shard Daughter

Stiefvater, Maggie: The Wolves of Mercy Falls 1: Shiver

Stiefvater, Maggie: The Wolves of Mercy Falls 2: Linger

Stiefvater, Maggie: The Wolves of Mercy Falls 3: Forever

Swift, Deborah: The Highway Trilogy 1: Shadow on the Highway

Swift, Deborah:


Thom, Millie: Sons of Kings 1: Shadow of the Raven

Thorland, Donna: Renegades of the American Revolution 3: Mistress Firebrand

Thornton, Stephanie: The Conqueror’s Wife

Tillyard, Stella: Call Upon the Water

Tod, M.K.: Time and Regret

Turner, Louise: Fire & Sword


Underdown, Beth: The Witchfinder’s Sister


Various: A Song of War: A Novel of Troy

Various: A Year of Ravens: A Novel of Boudica’s Rebellion

Verble, Margaret: Cherokee America


Watson, Angus: Iron Age 1: Age of Iron

Weir, Alison: Innocent Traitor

Weir, Alison: The Captive Queen

West, Juliet: Before the Fall

Whitcomb, Laura: Light 1: A Certain Slant of Light

White, Kiersten: Paranormalcy 1: Paranormalcy

Williams, Tanya E.: Becoming Mrs. Smith

Williams, Tanya E.: Stealing Mr. Smith

Woolley, Persia: Guinevere 1: Child of the Northern Spring






Zink, Michelle: Prophecy of the Sisters 1: Prophecy of the Sisters

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